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No fim de semana…

13 de Janeiro de 2010

Fica a dica… hihi 😛



18 de Outubro de 2009

Por que dona Claudia Schiffer sabe o que é chegar em casa e ficar com vontade de… varrer a casa.

Claudia Schiffer fotografada por Erwin Wurm para a Vogue lá da Alemanha.

eu axo!

Editorial | I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times

Stylist Martha Violante tries her hand at vintage for one of FutureClaw’s latest editorials photographed by Christopher Starbody. Accenting the editorial’s nostalgic quirkiness are models Katharina Friedrich and Ursula Kim.


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Campaign | Agyness Deyn for D.O.H.C

There is no doubt that Agyness Deyn is the candid star of D.O.H.C’s fall 2009 campaign. However, Agyness is not left to her lonesome. Dressed down for a comfortable night out on the town, Agyness has Jake Madden, Michael Gamdolfi and Drew Keilt to keep her company.



Claudia Schiffer